City Planning Department

In the Summer of 2018, I organized and led a Game Jam based at my family’s cottage near Wasaga Beach, Ontario. I designed the jam around the theme of mood: the goal was to create a game to evoke a particular mood which would be chosen at the event. The mood we chose was disorganization. We were determined to create a game not about organizing a disordered system — think Tetris, Super Mario Sunshine, or Civilization — but about finding pleasure in disorganization and its inevitability.

The result was City Planning Department. In this 3-6 player oneshot tabletop game, players collaborate to design a city and juggle the interests of the group with their own secret goals and motivations. We were surprised to find that beyond being fun, CPD had a lot to say about the complexities of the political process.

You can find it and play it for free here.

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