full portfolio

This is a full listing of all the games I’ve made, organized by my role in the project. For a summary of my work and what I’m about, check out my homepage. Click on the titles to learn more about each project.

as narrative designer and writer

The Archipelago, a melancholy narrative game about making tea and watching the world change. Fall 2022.
Reel Big Phishing Trainer, a web game developed to teach Humber and Seneca College staff how to avoid phishing scams. Fall 2021.
Bilgebirds, a turn-based naval strategy game but with birds piloting the ships. Spring 2019.
The Traveller, a branching narrative time-travelling visual novel. Fall 2017.

as game designer and programmer

Harvest, a browser-based grid puzzle game developed in collaboration with Toronto artist Jordan Sook. Summer 2021.
The Faceless City, a Godot microgame in which you play a monster who steals faces. Developed as part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival Comics X Games Jam, Spring 2020.
Dear Lighthouse, a point-and-click narrative game in which you care for a lighthouse and read letters from people on the mainland. Spring 2020.
Puzzle Party Project, a puzzle-themed ARG developed for a party for a large tech company in Cambridge, MA. Fall 2018.
Windowpane, a microgame about being bored on a bus. Developed for the Meditations project. Spring 2019.
Death and the Maiden, a browser-based, death metal-inspired action microgame. January 2019.
The Final Frontier, a browser-based solar system generator. Spring 2018.

tabletop rpgs

One Hour Worldbuilders, a collaborative worldbuilding card game. Spring 2019.
The Garrison and the Gardiner, a two-player game designed for on-site play at the Bentway in Toronto. Commissioned by the Bentway, Summer 2021.
City Planning Department, a secret-role city-building game for 3-6 players. Spring 2019.
The Shukaku Game, a two-player puzzle game in which you make a cup of tea and transform to accommodate its flavors. Fall 2020.
Rendezvous, a two-player game about people meeting after a long time. Developed for the 200 Word RPG Challenge. Spring 2019.
Space Pitch, a four-player story-building card game. Spring 2017.

other roles

Emeric’s Clock, a time-based pixel artwork. Programmer and artist. Spring 2018.
Tech Company Game Project, a game/social behavior experiment developed in conjunction with a large tech company in Cambridge, MA. Artist, Summer 2017.
Spooky House, a procedurally generated haunted house prototyped for Procgen. Fall 2018.