The Faceless City

The Faceless City is a short, Flash-like game in which you play as a monstrous curse who steals faces from the inhabitants of a city. I created this game in April 2021 as part of the first Toronto Comic Arts Festival Comics X Games Jam, in collaboration with artist Erica Lee.

The main game screen. Players control the arms of the monstrous Malignancy as they grab at the faces of villagers.

I programmed this game in the Godot engine, and though I have worked in Godot before, this was my first time participating in a game jam as a programmer. I’m very proud of how I scoped the game, communicated with my collaborator, and solved programming problems on the go.

We began our design process with conceptualization using my game One Hour Worldbuilders, and came up with the core concept, mechanics and aesthetics based on the world we built. I’m interested in the potential of worldbuilding-led game design for game jams, and hope to develop more projects in this way in the future!

You can download and play The Faceless City on my itch page here.