Dear Lighthouse

You are a lighthouse keeper. Every day is practically the same – wake up, eat, water your plant, clean the lighthouse lens, dust your medals, check your mail, go to bed.
But that’s okay. Monotony means no one’s wrecking their ships.

Dear Lighthouse was my submission to Jamdemic 2020, a month-long game jam based on that I organized in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to make a game that reflected both the deep loneliness and the profound sense of care I felt for people in my community as we isolated ourselves from each other. The work of a lighthouse keeper, who takes a faraway post and rarely sees the results of their work, but who keeps people safe and comforted, was an apt metaphor.

I took the lead with initial conceptual work, programmed the game in P5.js, and did all of the artwork. This was my first time programming for a game jam, and I’m really proud of the result!

Britt Willis did all of the writing, including a number of letters that the keeper receives randomly throughout the game.

Andrew Tran designed the eerie soundscape.