A lot of people have told me I should make a blog. I’m a little late to the blog game, but I never felt the need to make one until now–I like to keep my writing to myself. But lately I’ve felt a bit tired of my Facebook-sharing, occasional deviantart-posting routine, and apparently sometimes I have funny/witty thoughts and observations, so here we are.

Some things you should know about me to start this off:

  • I am a student at McGill University, currently studying East Asian culture and media. This means I speak some Japanese and a little Mandarin, and I love being all academic and gushing over cultural studies papers that I could write about my fandoms.
  • I am a vegetarian, and a pretty intrepid chef. Occasionally I will post recipes and food ideas. I think eating vegetarian, especially in University, is a pretty cool thing to do–it’s cheap, good for the environment, good for animals, and a fun challenge if you’re used to eating meat. And I swear my food is pretty delicious.
  • I am an avid writer. I will post my writing here occasionally. The stories I’m currently working on are:
    • “I am Ava Brower” – follows a young woman who can write things into existence. Sort of a witty coming-of-age story with some surreal and transcendent elements, and a touch of superhero fiction.
    • “Love at the singularity” (working title) – takes place in a surreal dystopian future when the technological singularity is about to take place. Follows the romance between the first transhuman and a revolutionary who wants to deconstruct the extensive networks that underpin daily life. Soft sci-fi, romance, with some noir/detective and surreal elements.
    • “Fey” – comic with very little to no dialogue. Follows a girl in a dark fantasy world overrun by fairies. When her father (the duke of their small settlement) and her two younger siblings are kidnapped by changelings, she must leave the safety of home and make a deal with a mysterious shadow in order to save them.
    • “Vantage” – sci-fi story that takes place on an alien planet. The planet was colonized thousands of years ago by an imperial interplanetary race, and subsequently became populated by genetically modified worker races. Several hundred years ago, the imperial race disappeared and stopped sending supplies. Now, when a spaceship crash-lands on the planet, the four races still living there fight for dominance. Think Game of Thrones-esque intrigue/ensemble cast, but with aliens and sci-fi/fantasy elements.
  • I love video games. I especially love analyzing them academically and occasionally ranting about their lore, mechanics and potential. My favourite games are Pokemon (GSC/HGSS is my fave gen), Zelda (Twilight Princess and OoT are my faves), BioShock and Mass Effect.
  • I like traveling, do it often, and will sometimes write about my adventures.
  • I’m a feminist.

If you like any or all of these things, I would love for you to follow me and comment and stuff.

I’m looking forward to getting started with this! I’ll be making my first posts in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

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